When We Get Home: a love story (being made)
The Magic Bridge: for liam's seeing with closed eyes
Girlz Night: starlight starbright
Dog Christina: i know the devil is real


A Pot to Piss In: terminat auctor opus (dying mother)
Meat Locker Boys: hey charles forsman (unfinished)
Bury the Bear: e-40 and ufos (masterpiece)
Dog Christina: living like a corpse (autobio)
Frank the Duck: the failure of healthy living (indndeterminacy)
Brolysses: at peace with everything (unfinished)
Joe Diabetes: sentimental bore (finished)


Chill Forever: a bromance (finished)
Cats in the Rain: fuckhead (piss off, mate)
Zombietol: shitfaced (?)
Coolmann's Way: rictus st. nausea (the wound that never heals)
Coolmann and Lloyd Rob the Store: never (again)